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About Pens To People

In the summer of 2008, Ryan Sprouls traveled to Rwanda, Africa on a public health mission to study how the genocide 15 years earlier had contributed to the spread of AIDS throughout the region. The health issues were widespread and well-documented, but another epidemic grabbed his attention — the education crisis. The children in tattered clothing who followed the group everywhere weren’t begging for food or money or clothing… they were begging for PENS. Why? Because without pens, they can’t attend school. Without school, they can’t get an education. And without an education, they have no opportunity to rise above the poverty they face every day.


At Pens To People, we will be raising awareness and collecting new and lightly used pens to donate to these at-risk children. Mailing donated items directly to any country in Sub-Saharan Africa is a poor decision because we would never know if the children received the pens, as oftentimes they are stolen and sold. To eliminate this issue Pens To People has teamed up with a variety of trusted organizations on the ground so that the donated pens can be hand delivered to the children who need them most. This is your chance to make a real difference for real people.

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