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Spring Donation 2019

7 June 2019 No Comment

Jambo! Major thanks to all of our generous donors over the past several months; it’s truly your selflessness that serves as the bedrock of this mission. We at Pens To People have been crazy busy connecting with trusted travelers and NGOs alike to deliver pens to those who need them most, and one of the most inspiring stories to come out of that effort has been a donation via Ryan’s childhood friend Carly Johnson. Carly recently traveled throughout some of the most remote areas of Tanzania where she hand delivered your donated pens to two places — the first being a school in a local Maasai village. The Maasai are the local tribespeople of northern Tanzania, where they live in mud huts beside a small school (pics below) that teaches Swahili, English, and basic math. When Carly arrived, the students were sharing one pen between every 5 or 6 children. They have no running water, electricity, nor any means of transportation. The second location Carly donated your pens was at the Bethlehem Center for children in Arusha, which is also in the northern region of Tanzania. This center acts as a makeshift orphanage for 17 children, all of whom were overjoyed to receive your pens. Thanks Carly!

Another inspiring recent partnership has been with the NYU Dance Education program, which sends 20+ NYU dancers to Uganda every year as part of a cultural and educational exchange program. Deborah Damast leads this program and we at Pens To People were ecstatic to hear that the pen delivery in Kampala, which is the capital and largest city in Uganda, was a wild success! The pens are currently being used by schoolchildren pursuing music therapy and traditional dance vocations in programs that NYU helped create. Well done Deborah!

Thanks for reading, have a fantastic summer, and check back soon for more updates 🙂
– Ryan

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