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Summer Donation 2018

20 June 2018 No Comment

Ki Kati (hello) and weebale (thank you) to all our generous donors this summer! We here at Pens To People have been hard at work donating the piles of pens that have been coming in faster than ever to the schoolchildren in Sub-Saharan Africa who need them most. You may have noticed that I opened this update with greetings in the Luganda language, which is native to Uganda — that’s because today I’m happy to report that we’ve teamed up with the Tree Hope Foundation to supply their orphanages in Entebbe, Uganda with the pens they need to conduct schooling critical to the development of their at-risk children. Pictured below you’ll find students sponsored by Tree Hope receiving your generous donations with joy — they even sent back a brief “thank you” song! As always, please email me at rsprouls@gmail.com if you or someone you know will be traveling to Sub-Saharan Africa so that I can ensure our pen donations are hand delivered to those who need them most. Keep checking back for more updates, enjoy your summer, and tunaalabagana (see you later)!

– Ryan


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