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Summer Donation 2016 Photos

1 November 2016 No Comment

Pictured are the beneficiaries of your donated pens! The Piedmont Community Church had a very successful trip overseeing the development of their school in the small village of Luhomero, Malawi, and the donated pens they hand delivered to the school admins and students will ensure that everyone in the community is prepared for the new school year. I’m incredibly excited to show you these pictures from our Piedmont Church partner Matt Fisher (pictured in a blue plaid shirt), who tells me that the primary school we donated the pens to also serves as the village’s town hall, event space, and health station.

I’d also like to thank the wonderful folks at Putney Student Travel once again for their part in distributing our donated pens throughout their month-long community service mission through rural Tanzania this past summer. I’ve heard great stories from that trip and hope to have pictures to share with you soon! Thank you so much for your continued support as we look forward to our next donation in summer 2017.


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