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A Donation 6 Years in the Making

21 May 2014 No Comment

Six summers ago Ryan traveled to Rwanda on an inaugural mission organized by Putney Student Travel. Today, Pens to People has the opportunity to donate pens to the same Rwandan teachers and schoolchildren who convinced him to start this project with their heartfelt accounts of being denied an education simply because they couldn’t afford the supplies required. The Putney Rwanda program is still going strong since that inaugural mission in 2008, and this year the group has agreed to accept as many pens as they can carry and hand deliver them to as many impoverished communities and students as possible. Send your pen donations to our HQ at 4 Forest Dr, Mendham, NJ 07945 by June 28 to be a part of this historic contribution!

June 28 a tad too soon for your donation plans? No worries! We’ll be making at least one more pen donation later this summer and will continue to accept pens of all shapes and sizes. Every single pen makes a difference. Big thanks to everyone who’s donated thus far, stay tuned for updates and pictures of your donations in action! (Pictured: My brothers quickly learning the joys of organizing your pen donations)


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