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Summer Donation 2013

22 November 2013 No Comment

Another record-breaking donation year! Due to the generosity of complete strangers from all over the U.S. who saw this website by chance and made the commitment to disadvantaged schoolchildren who they may never meet, this year we were able to raise and donate a total of 8,667 pens!

Over the past several months, Pens To People has been working with Barbara Laing at the Mnyakongo School Project to ensure that this donation makes a real impact in the lives of the most at-risk schoolchildren in Sub-Saharan Africa. That impact was finally realized just last week when Barbara and her team hand delivered the pens to the Mnyakongo Primary School in Kongwa, Tanzania, which lies in the central region of the country. There were so many pens that even after satisfying the needs of all 860 students and their teachers, the group was still able to donate several hundred pens to the nearby school at St. Philips Mission! I am overjoyed by the partnership that Pens To People has forged with the Mnyakongo School Project and look forward to continuing our shared passion for changing lives, one pen at a time.

Pens.Lots of them
Sorting the Pens

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